Excursions aboard the
Pollux Boat in the waters of Lake Liscia

Discovering Lake Liscia

Lake Liscia is an artificial lake in Gallura, northern Sardinia, located between the municipalities of Sant’Antonio di Gallura, Luras, Arzachena, Calangianus and Luogosanto.

It finds its origin in the weir of the Liscia river and other minor streams by means of a 69 meters high lightened-gravity dam, finished in 1962. The maximum capacity of the reservoir is 105 million cubic meters of water, but this could actually be reached only in 2004, when the structure was strengthened and its static testing was completed.

The artificial lake guarantees the water supply of the entire lower Gallura, where, especially in the summer, there is a strong demand for water due to the high concentration of tourists.

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Our Boat Pollux

The Excursions will start from april 1 until november 2,
friday and saturday at 10:30.

Departure from the Olivastri Millenari of Luras,
tickets on board, cost € 22 for Adults and € 11 for Children.

Reservation is mandatory.

It is advisable to arrive to the boarding points at least
15 minutes before the departure time of the excursions.

Thank you for your cooperation.